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Google Blogs


Google Blogs ~ en-dwijayasblog.blogspot.com. This article contained information about Google Blogs. Thank you for reading my article.

Google Blogs ~ en-dwijayasblog.blogspot.com

To be a good blogger I use to visit many of Googles' blog. I used them as my information sources. To remember them I make list that may help you, too.

Here are the Googles' Blog
No. Official Google Blogurl Description
1 AdSense for Feeds http://adsenseforfeeds.blogspot.com/ Helping publishers analyze, publicize, and monetize their RSS feeds
2 Agency Ad Solutions Blog http://adwordsagency.blogspot.com/ Google tips and tools to help you manage client accounts
3 Android Developers Blog http://android-developers.blogspot.com/ An Open Handset Alliance Project
4 App Engine Blog http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/ News, notes, tips and tricks from the Google App Engine Team
5 Apps Feed Blog http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/ The official feed from the Google Apps team
6 Blogger Buzz http://buzz.blogger.com/ The Official Buzz from Blogger
7 Citizentube http://www.citizentube.com/ Watching video change our world
8 Consumer Packaged Goods Blog http://google-cpg.blogspot.com/ News and notes from Googles CPG vertical (Consumer Packaged Goods)
9 Conversion Room http://conversionroom.blogspot.com/ The place to visit for tips on tracking and improving conversions online
10 Custom Search Blog http://googlecustomsearch.blogspot.com/ Updates and tips from the Google Custom Search team
11 Data Liberation Blog http://dataliberation.blogspot.com/ Unlocking your data from Googles tools
12 DoubleClick Advertiser Blog http://doubleclickadvertisers.blogspot.com/ News, features, tips, and training
13 DoubleClick Publishers Blog http://doubleclickpublishers.blogspot.com/ DART for publishers
14 DoubleClick Search Blog http://doubleclicksearch.blogspot.com/ News, tips and information about coming changes to DoubleClick Search
15 Geo Developers Blog http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/
16 Google Affiliate Network Blog http://googleaffiliatenetwork-blog.blogspot.com/ News, views and product info for Google Affiliate Network advertisers and publishers
17 Google Analytics Blog http://analytics.blogspot.com/ The latest news, tips and resources straight from the Google Analytics team
18 Google Apps Developer Blog http://googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com/ Information for Google Apps Developers
19 Google Chrome Blog http://chrome.blogspot.com/ The latest news from the Google Chrome team
20 Google Chrome Releases http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/ Announcements and release notes for the Google Chrome browser
21 Google Commerce Blog http://googlecommerce.blogspot.com/ The official source for the latest on shopping, retailing and payments technology
22 Google Developers Blog http://googledevelopers.blogspot.com/ News and insights on Google platforms, tools and events
23 Google Engineering Tools http://google-engtools.blogspot.com/ Tools and infrastructure to accelerate software development at Google
24 Google Fiber http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/ The latest news from the Google Fiber team
25 Google Finance Blog http://googlefinanceblog.blogspot.com/ News and views from the Google Finance Team
26 Google for Nonprofits http://googlefornonprofits.blogspot.com/ News and updates from Google for Nonprofits
27 Google LatLong Blog http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/ News and notes by the Google Earth and Maps team
28 Google Mobile Blog http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/ News and views from the Google Mobile team
29 Google News Blog http://googlenewsblog.blogspot.com/ The official blog from the team at Google News
30 Google Places Community Blog http://places.blogspot.com/ Home base for the Places community
31 Google Retail Blog http://googleretail.blogspot.com/ Your one-stop shop for Google retail advertising acumen
32 Google Scholar Blog http://googlescholar.blogspot.com/ The official source of information about Google Scholar
33 Google Science Fair Blog http://googlesciencefair.blogspot.com/ The official source for information about Googles Science Fair
34 Google Sites Blog http://googlesitesblog.blogspot.com/ News and notes from the Google Sites team
35 Google Talkabout http://googletalk.blogspot.com/ A blog about voice, IM and open communications with Google Talk
36 Google Technical Programs & Events Blog http://googletechprograms.blogspot.com/ News and notes on Googles technical programs and events
37 Google Translate Blog http://googletranslate.blogspot.com/ The official source of information about our translation and language technologies
38 Google Web Fonts Blog http://googlewebfonts.blogspot.com/ Posts from the web fonts team, working to make the web beautiful
39 Google Webmaster Central Blog http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/ Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index
40 google.org blog http://blog.google.org/ News and notes from Googles philanthropic arm
41 Google+ Platform Blog http://googleplusplatform.blogspot.com/ Official source of information about the Google+ platform
42 Green Blog http://googlegreenblog.blogspot.com/ Updates from Googles green team on energy efficiency, renewable energy and corporate sustainability
43 iGoogle Developer Blog http://igoogledeveloper.blogspot.com/ Your source for API improvements, changes to the sandbox, and developer events
44 Inside AdSense http://adsense.blogspot.com/ A look inside Google AdSense
45 Inside AdWords http://adwords.blogspot.com/ Googles official blog for news, information and tips on AdWords
46 Inside Google Book Search http://booksearch.blogspot.com/ News from the Google Book Search Team
47 Inside Search Blog http://insidesearch.blogspot.com/ The official Google Search blog
48 Mac Blog http://googlemac.blogspot.com/ Macs inside Google
49 Magnifier Blog http://magnifier.blogspot.com/
50 Mobile Ads Blog http://googlemobileads.blogspot.com/ News and updates from the Google mobile ads team
51 Official Gmail Blog http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/ News, tips and tricks from Googles Gmail team and friends
52 Official Google Blog http://googleblog.blogspot.com/ Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture
53 Official Google Docs Blog http://googledocs.blogspot.com/ News and notes from the Google Docs team
54 Official Google Enterprise Blog http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/ A blog about enterprise information, search, apps, and the users that live there
55 Official Google Photos Blog http://googlephotos.blogspot.com/ News, tips and tricks from the Picasa team at Google
56 Official Google Reader Blog http://googlereader.blogspot.com/ News, tips and tricks from the Google Reader team
57 Official Google Voice Blog http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/ News and updates from the Google Voice team
58 Online Security Blog http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/ The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet
59 Open Source Blog http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/ News about Googles open source projects and programs
60 OpenSocial API Blog http://opensocialapis.blogspot.com/ A blog for OpenSocial developers
61 Orkut News and Notes http://en.blog.orkut.com/ Your official guide for staying beautiful on Orkut
62 Panoramio Blog http://www.panoramio.com/blog/ The official blog of the photo-sharing site
63 Policy by the Numbers blog http://policybythenumbers.blogspot.com/ Data for sound policymaking from Google and friends
64 Public Policy Blog http://googlepublicpolicy.blogspot.com/ Googles views on government, policy and politics
65 Research Blog http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/ The latest news on Google Research
66 SketchUp API Blog http://sketchupapi.blogspot.com/ The latest news from the SketchUp API team
67 SketchUpdate http://sketchupdate.blogspot.com/ News and notes from the SketchUp folks
68 Small Business Blog http://googlesmb.blogspot.com/ Tools and tips for small to medium-sized businesses
69 Student Blog http://googleforstudents.blogspot.com/ Google news and updates especially for students
70 Testing Blog http://googletesting.blogspot.com/ If it aint broke, youre not trying hard enough
71 Think With Google Blog http://thinkwithgoogle.blogspot.com/ Tips, Tools & Insights for planning marketing campaigns
72 TV Ads Blog http://google-tvads.blogspot.com/ The latest news from the Google TV Ads team
73 Web Toolkit Blog http://googlewebtoolkit.blogspot.com/ News and note from the Google Web Toolkit Team
74 Website Optimizer Blog http://websiteoptimizer.blogspot.com/ The most up-to-date product news, industry insights and testing strategies
75 YouTube API Blog http://apiblog.youtube.com/ Your official source for information on the YouTube API
76 YouTube Blog http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/ The Official YouTube Blog
77 YouTube Creators http://youtubecreator.blogspot.com/ The Official YouTube Partners and Creators Blog

There you go. Hopefully table above help you to find Google blogs.

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