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Official Bloggers' Template


Official Bloggers' Template ~ en-dwijayasblog.blogspot.com. This article contained information about Official Bloggers' Template. Thank you for reading my article.

Official Bloggers' Template ~ en-dwijayasblog.blogspot.com

I notice when the first time I make a blog as default Blogger have provide me many template. Those templates contribute by Josh Peterson, Tina Chen and Jason Morrow,  iStockphoto support to host the image.The template structure adopted from In Search of the Holy Grail (Pencarian Cawan Suci) and In Search of One True Layout (Pencarian Tata Letak Sebenarnya).

Template Resmi Blogger

There are 28 Official Blogger Templates devided into 7 (tujuh) groups. Here are the Official Blogger Templates :
Dynamic Views Demo of Template Dynamic Views
Dynamic Views Classic
Dynamic Views Flipcard
Dynamic Views Magazine
Dynamic Views Mosaic
Dynamic Views Sidebar
Dynamic Views Snapshot
Dynamic Views Timeslide
Simple Bold Demo of Template Simple Bold
Simple Dark Demo of Template Simple Dark
Simple Deep Demo of Template Simple Deep
Simple Literate Demo of Template Simple Literate
Simple Pale Demo of Template Simple Pale
Simple Simplysimple Demo of Template Simple Simplysimple
Simple Wide Demo of Template Simple Wide
Picture Window
Picture Window Transparent Open Demo of Template Picture Window Transparent Open
Picture Window Transparent Screen Demo of Template Picture Window Transparent Screen
Picture Window Transparent Shade Demo of Template Picture Window Transparent Shade
Awesome Inc.
Awesome Inc. Artsy Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Artsy
Awesome Inc. Dark Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Dark
Awesome Inc. Groovy Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Groovy
Awesome Inc. Icy Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Icy
Awesome Inc. Light Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Light
Awesome Inc. Renewable Demo of Template Awesome Inc. Renewable
Watermark Birds Demo of Template Watermark Birds
Watermark Bubblegum Demo of Template Watermark Bubblegum
Watermark Flower Demo of Template Watermark Flower
Watermark Navigator Demo of Template Watermark Navigator
Ethereal Blossoms1blue Demo of Template Ethereal Blossoms1blue
Ethereal Hummingbirds2 Demo of Template Ethereal Hummingbirds2
Ethereal Leaves1 Demo of Template Ethereal Leaves1
Travel Beach Demo of Template Travel Beach
Travel Flight Demo of Template Travel Flight
Travel Road Demo of Template Travel Road
Travel Studio Demo of Template Travel Studio

There you go the Official Bloggers' Template. Hopefully help you to choose one of them.

Source: Template Resmi Blogger

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