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List of Good SEO Part 3

To do SEO thing, I do myself a favor by providing such a great list on how I reach good SEO.

List of Good SEO, are:
1. Try to get links from reputable sites.
2. Use 301 redirects for permanent redirects.
3. Use 302 redirects only for long or ugly URLs.
4. Use Flash for non-critical pieces of a page.
5. Use frames, always use the noframes tag.
6. Use hyphens or underscores to separate words in URLs.
7. Use hyphens to separate words in domains.
8. Use synonyms for your keywords.
9. Use the keyword phrase in your title tag.
10. Use the keyword phrase in your URL.
11. Use the meta keywords tag and include your keyword phrase.
12. Use your keyword phrase a lot, but not too much.
13. Use your keyword phrase in anchor text of links.
14. Use your keyword phrase in headlines.
15. Use your keyword phrase in named anchors.
16. Use your keyword phrase in your meta description.
17. Write a descriptive meta description.
18. Write an accessible site for search engine spiders and screen readers.
19. Write great content.
20. Write unique content.

Those above are my great list of good SEO. Hopefully you can take something from those list in which to have a good SEO techniques.

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