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Webmaster Tools Part 1

As a webmaster, you need to manage so many thing to run your web. You can do it manually or automatically. I know there are many webmaster tools that you can find in the internet. Sometime the result may vary one and another.

As a webmaster, I think you should check:
  • Backlink Checker: Find a list of backlinks linking to a specific website.
  • Cloaking Checker: Cloaking Checker
  • Google Banned Checker: Discover whether a website is banned on Google.
  • Google Datacenter Search: Search keywords/phrase through different Google data centres.
  • Google PageRank Prediction: Predict your future Google PageRank.
  • Index Checker: Check for the total number of pages of a specific website which are present on search engines.
  • Keyword Density Checker: Analyze a websites to view the optimum keyword distribution.
  • Keyword Suggestion: Find related keywords matching your search.
  • Link Popularity: Retrieve a number of backlinks of a specific website from search engines.
  • Multi-Rank Checker: View multiple Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking in bulk.
  • PageRank Checker: View Google PageRank on different Google servers.
  • Rank Checker: Get an overview of a website's ranking.
  • Search Engine Position: Check your search engine positions on Google Search Engine.
  • Search Listings Preview: Preview your website on Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search.
  • Spider View: This tool enables you to view a perpective from a search engine spider.
  • URL Redirect Checker: Check whether a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly.
  • Visual PageRank: View the PageRank of links visually rather than in text.

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