4/09/2012 06:10:00 PM

List of Good SEO Part 1

To do SEO thing, I do myself a favor by providing such a great list on how I reach good SEO.

List of Good SEO, are:
1. Add new content all the time.
2. Ask other people for links to your page.
3. Choose a phrase that is popular.
4. Create a great keyword phrase.
5. Create a sitemap.
6. Create an XML sitemap.
7. Create as much content as you can.
8. Don't have broken links on your site.
9. Don't have more than 10 words in your URL.
10. Don't link a lot to external sites.
11. Don't link to link farms.
12. Don't use dynamic URLs.
13. Don't use session IDs.
14. Don't use the meta refresh tag to redirect users.
15. Don't write your content with JavaScript.
16. Flash, always include alternative text.
17. Format your keyword phrases to stand out.
18. Get a domain with your keyword phrase.
19. Get as many inbound links as you can.
20. Get linked in DMOZ and Yahoo!.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carl. I am glad someone with me.